Why Call Tracking is Essential for Measuring Digital Marketing Success

As businesses continue to move advertising dollars away from traditional marketing and into the digital marketing arena, analytics and measuring a campaign’s Return-on-Investment, or ROI, becomes vital to the success of a campaign. Often times, a company will measure its goals as an inbound call, but without call tracking, it is next to impossible to measure the success of the digital marketing campaign. There are different companies that can offer such a digital marketing campaign solution. By offering unique phone numbers to enable call tracking, the company can successfully track its goals.

Call Tracking Options

Depending on how many different digital marketing campaigns you are running, the unique numbers for call tracking can either be a free or paid option. Companies which charge for the phone numbers often have value-adds, such as call recording, to help the company identify different variables which can aid or hinder a call tracking campaign. Free services typically offer up to 10 numbers for free and then begin to charge for additional phone numbers or services. Depending on the size of the company’s SEO and PPC campaigns, the decision on whether to utilize a free or paid service for call tracking will become very apparent.

Measuring Your Digital Marketing Success

Once you have chosen a source to supply phone numbers for your call tracking, the next step is essential to measuring the success of your advertisement copy and landing page(s). You must review the analytics you have implemented on your website or through the call tracking software to view the success rate. Some companies measure success by the amount of time the customer spends on the phone, while others measure digital marketing success by sales through each unique phone number.

However the company chooses to measure its goals, these unique, call tracking phone numbers will enable the company to clearly understand which ads are successful in getting the company the best ROI. This will also help the company understand where they should increase their advertising spend, thus yielding better overall results.

If your company is in need of a call tracking program to help measure its digital marketing success, there are excellent agencies who can help. Call (303) 882-2640 for assistance setting up such a campaign and watch your digital marketing spend begin to pay off.